Aspen Group is a public traded real estate company registered in the Israeli stock exchange.

The group has over 30 years of experience in real estate and is active in Israel as well as in Europe



The group owns over 327,000 square meters of yielding properties, rented out to over 270 tenants, at approx. 95% Occupancy.​





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Aspen Group has increased its European portfolio substantially in recent years. Currently, The consolidated property value in both Europe and Israel are estimated at approximately 3 billion Shekels.

The group owns and manages over 375,000 square meters of yielding properties, rented out to over 260 tenants, at approx. 95% Occupancy. Aspen intends to expand its activities further by acquiring income producing real estate such as multi-tenant offices and distribution centers.

The group’s current strategy is to focus on stable markets with a large market supply of real estate like Germany and the Netherlands. The company acquires qualitative real estate at strategic locations together

with modern energy certification the target countries.

Its property portfolio is made up of single tenant properties as well as multi-tenant properties.

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