Aspen Group is a public traded real estate company registered in the Israeli stock exchange.

The group has over 30 years of experience in real estate and is active in Israel as well as in Europe

The group owns and manages over 327,000 square meters of yielding properties, rented out to over 270 tenants, at approx. 95% Occupancy

Aspen intends to expand its activities further by acquiring income producing real estate such as multi-tenant offices and distribution centers.


Along with institutional partners such as insurance companies,

pension funds and investment companies Aspen identifies and heads the acquisition processes.

The company believes in professionalism and focusing on target markets through its

local European investment platform in the target countries.

Additionally, Aspen aims to rent its properties to strong and stable anchor tenants such as the German government authorities and large scale international companies like Deutsche Telekom, Office Depot, Rabobank, Procter & Gamble, 3M, KPMG and many more.

Simultaneously, the company is working on optimizing its properties performance and keeping investments secure, whilst pro-actively seeking opportunities for income and portfolio development on an continuous basis.

The Shareholders

* As of 01/08/2018

Rony Zarom


Businessman Rony Zarom, owner of Zarom Holding Limited, is Aspen Group’s primary shareholder (47%). 


In addition, he founded Unistream Foundation, that helps train and nurture youth and young adults from the social-geographical outer cities, with limited technological access, resources and business knowledge and contacts that are mostly found in central Israel, to compete and integrate themselves into the world of employment, specifically business, entrepreneurship, tech and become leaders, influencers and role models within their own communities. 


Unistream Program integrates theoretical knowledge and practical tools in the realm of entrepreneurship and technology, alongside social values, gaining interpersonal expertise and implementing excellence, leadership and empowerment. This process takes place while cultivating and caring for the participant's personal needs and supporting them over an extended period of time, which is the key to their successful integration into the world of employment.


2 Hashlosha, Tel Aviv