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Investing in High Yielding Properties  

Aspen Group Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in real estate. The Group specializes in investing and managing income producing properties in both Israel and Europe. The Group owns and manages over 347,000 square meters of yielding properties, rented out to over 290 tenants at approx. 95% occupancy rate.

Aspen Group is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


The group’s current strategy is to continue expanding in Israel and Europe by acquiring income producing real estate together with attractive financing conditions, dispersing investments risks whilst optimizing its properties performance, keeping investments secure and maintaining profitable returns.


Group Structure

Rony Zarom and his investment company Zarom Holding Limited own 48% of Aspen Group Ltd. 
The remaining shares are owned by the public and by various institutional organizations such as Clal Insurance

, Menorah Mivtachim and Harel Investments.   

Analysts Analyze


Leumi Partners: "Aspen Group trades at a significant discount to its cash flow"

Eran Azran | August 2019

Aspen Group was founded in 1978 and was listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 1992. The company is under the control of Mr. Rooney Tsarum (about 48% of the vote). Aspen Dealer Real Estate, controlled by Roni Tsarum, reported a 10% increase in net cash flow (FFO) in the first half of 2019, against the backdrop of an increase in Europe's revenue-generating assets Potential increase of

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