Aspen Group buys an office building in the Netherlands for NIS 104 million

The building is located in the city of Utrecht and joins 17 properties that the company already has in the Netherlands.

Genia Wolinski 12/30/20

Aspen reduces activity in Germany: Sold office buildings for NIS 625 million

Aspen's share of the realization proceeds amounts to NIS 486 million ■ The company will record NIS 326 million in pre-tax free cash flow and related expenses, and NIS 103 million in profit Aspen's chairman: "The realizations will strengthen financial strength and reduce leverage"

Eran Azran | 03/11/2020

Aspen Group acquires two office buildings in the Netherlands for 60 million euros

The acquisition is made in collaboration with Altshuler Shaham Properties, Shlomo Insurance and a Dutch partner ■ Each Israeli partner will own one-third of the assets

Jania Volinsky | 12/25/2019

Aspen continues to realize: Selling property in Germany for NIS 32 million

Aspen recently sold a property in the Netherlands for a profit of NIS 25 million, and now sells a property in Stuttgart, Germany, for NIS 188 million, leaving it a profit of NIS 71 million

Erez Livne | 07/28/2019

Realization for Aspen Group in the Netherlands: sells logistics center for around 50 million euros; The stock increases by 4%

עם השלמת העסקה צפויה אספן לרשום רווח לפני מס והוצאות נלוות של כ-6.3 מיליון יורו (כ-25 מיליון שקל), והיא תחזיק ב-14 נכסים מניבים בהו

Eran Azran | 05/12/2019

Aspen Group sells a rental property in the Netherlands for about NIS 203 million

Aspen Group sells logistics center in the city of Elmo, currently leased to World Timberland Company • Acquired the property in 2012 for approximately € 25 million

Yossi Nissan | 05/12/2019

Aspen Group, Menorah Mivtachim and Meitav Dash, Acquired Properties in the Netherlands

The companies acquired an 8 office building rental sites, on a 63,000 square metered parameter and 1,152 parking spots in Amsterdam, the Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. The deal is estimated at 472 million Shekels

Hila Tzion | 09/27/2017

Aspen Group acquired 50% of the Pai Siam hotel chain for NIS 405 million

Pai Siam Hotels in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and initiating activities in the field, in preparation for the future construction of new hotels; As part of the deal, Aspen will allocate to the controlling owners of the acquired chain, the Dahuki family, 5% of Aspen shares

Hezi Sternlicht | 23.12.20

Aspen Group realizes three properties in Germany for NIS 625 million

These are three office buildings in the cities of Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Munich, where its local subsidiary owns together with partners; Its share of the transaction proceeds is NIS 486 million; Guy Pereg, Chairman of Aspen Group: "Given the high real estate prices in Germany, we have decided to reduce activity in this country"; The company's stock leaps

Zeli Greenberg | 03.11.2020

Aspen and Shlomo Insurance sell office space in Germany at 31% profit

The rental property company, controlled by Roni Tsarom, signed an agreement to sell an office building it acquired in 2014 in a town near the city of Stuttgart, Germany for € 48 million

Kobe Isaiah | 07/29/2019

Aspen Group sells office space in Germany for NIS 188 million

The company expects to make a profit of NIS 32 million from the transaction and a free flow of NIS 71 million

Sponsor News | 07/28/2019

Aspen Group sells logistics property in the Netherlands; Make a profit of about NIS 25 million

The wholly owned subsidiary has signed an agreement to sell a logistics center leased to the international fashion company Timberland in the city of Elmo for NIS 203 million

Kobe Isaiah | 05/12/2019

Aspen Group sells logistics center in the Netherlands Aspen Group sells a logistics center in the Netherlands

In exchange for the transaction, approximately NIS 203 million; The company is expected to record a profit of approximately NIS 25 million and a free flow of approximately NIS 100 million

Sponsor News | 05/12/2019

Minimizing the Leverage: Aspen Group Zeros in on the Netherlands

Aspen Group’s first active steps, helmed its their new CEO, Guy Eliasi, might strengthen the high-yielding real estate company’s fiscal profile, by focusing its activity in Western Europe

Gil Musavi and Shiran Sagie |10/18/2017

Aspen Group sells the balance of solar activity; Profit of NIS 15 million

The real estate company is selling the remaining 51% of its solar activity to Keren Noy, as part of the exercise of the option given to it in the transaction between them about three years ago; the transaction is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

Eitan Gerstenfeld | 09/09/2020

Aspen, Elstoller and Shlomo Insurance jointly purchase 2 buildings in the Netherlands

As part of the deal, the group is acquiring a 96% building in Utrecht, for € 45.4 million; Meba Blvdarden, fully leased to a single tenant, for 13.4 million euros; Altshuler Shaham Properties and Shlomo Insurance will acquire a similar portion

Uri Galore | 12/25/2019

Another realization for Aspen: sells office building in Stuttgart for NIS 190 million

Upon completion of the transaction, Aspen Group expects to make a profit of NIS 32 million (before taxes and expenses), and a free flow of NIS 71 million ■ In July, Aspen sold a logistics center leased to the Timberland network for NIS 200 million

Eran Azran | 07/28/2019

Feel comfortable in the Netherlands and Germany, but look at other markets

Aspen Group Chairman, Guy Pereg, talks about the difficulty of recovering the yields of recent years in the European market, is comfortable with the level of leverage and is aiming for TA 125, aiming to bring the company growth into stock pricing insurance

Kobe Isaiah | 05/16/2019

Aspen Group sells logistics center in the Netherlands for NIS 203 million

The property is leased to the Timberland fashion company and meets the green building standard. Upon completion of the transaction, the company is expected to record a profit of NIS 25 million

Noam Barel | 05/12/2019

Aspen Group Sells half of its Solar Activity to the Keren Noy Foundation for 55 Million Shekels

The company will register a 12 million Shekel profit for the deal, which took place as part of its goal to focus on the field of high-yielding real estate. Over the course of 2 years, both sides will be able to expand the deal to its overall activity

Oren Froind | 12/22/2016


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